Traumatic events are things we often wish we could forget. They frequently change the way we see ourselves and the world. When children experience traumatic events, they may start to doubt their competence and view the world and others as unsafe. Unfortunately, we cannot forget about or erase the events we have experienced. However, with courage, strength, trauma-informed and trauma focused intervention, it is possible to heal and lay the groundwork for a positive future. Trailblazers Therapeutic Services utilizes equine assisted psychotherapy to help children trust themselves and others again, and to help them regain a sense of safety in their homes, communities, and schools. This journey of correcting the shattered assumptions traumatized children hold about themselves and the world is extraordinary and can be life-changing for all who embark on it, as well as for those who witness and help along the way.

Trailblazers Therapeutic Services in Bahama, NC provides equine-assisted psychotherapy to children ages five and older who have experienced significant traumatic events in their lives. Under special circumstances we also provide equine assisted therapy to adults.

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